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Registration for SourceDirect at NY Now is not yet open. Please check back later.

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Need help registering or have Questions on your registration to SourceDirect?

Nancy Yamada, Buyer Acquistion Director

SourceDirect and NY NOW is open to the trade only.

Qualified members of the trade may register and upload their credentials online for free up until January 24, 2018. After January 24, you may still register online until February 3, 2018 (confirming name, contact information, registration category, etc.); however required credentials must be presented on-site to complete the registration process. Please bring your confirmation email with you on-site.

If you decide to register on-site (or register online between February 4-7), fees may apply:

  • If you are a qualified first-time attending buyer, you will be charged $60 on-site.
  • If you are a returning qualified attendee, you will be charged $25 on-site.
  • Suppliers to the trade and Non-exhibiting Manufacturers may register on-site for $400.
  • Children under the age of 14 may be admitted as guests ($60 admission fee) if accompanied by a registered attendee. Strollers are not permitted on the exhibit show floor at any time.

Please note that only major credit cards are accepted for on-site registrations. Cash will not be accepted.

Be sure to bring along proper credentials as outlined below.

Required Credentials

NY NOW is open to the trade only. To attend, you must provide identification to qualify your business, and separate identification to qualify each individual employee from your store or company.

Please submit TWO forms of Company and ONE form of Employee identification. Please note that acceptable Employee identification must be submitted for each registrant. We reserve the right to request additional business identification if deemed necessary. You will also be required to submit proof of your identity when you pick up your badge.

Acceptable COMPANY identification includes at least TWO of the following:

  • Active website address through which company business can be validated
  • Two recent invoices from industry manufacturers for goods purchased at wholesale/in quantity
  • Store/commercial lease indicating type of business
  • Manufacturers’ Representatives (multi-line) should provide a list of lines currently being represented at NY NOW. You must also provide proof of agreement for at least one of the lines you are representing at the show.
  • Wholesalers, importers, & exporters should provide samples of brochures, catalogs, etc. that show product selection and inventory (if no website available)
  • Interior designers must provide the appropriate certification, professional designation or membership in an industry association (if no website available)

New businesses only:

A letter of Intent from an attorney or bank on official letterhead stating the intent to start a new retail business (this is acceptable for new businesses only).

Acceptable EMPLOYEE identification includes at least ONE of the following:

  • Copy of cancelled company payroll check or pay-check stub
  • Copy of W-2 form
  • Copy of company credit card with both employee’s and company’s name
  • Copy of company insurance card with employee’s name