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Use SourceDirect at ASD’s knowledge base of sourcing and wholesale articles to successfully navigate the world of retail sourcing, manufacturing and buying directly.

Retail success depends on one key factor: sales come from products in your stores that customers feel that they cannot live without. Finding and buying those products at wholesale costs allow you to make the maximum retail profit margin. In order to help you learn how to accomplish this, we have created this series of retail sourcing articles that explain wholesale, sourcing and buying directly from importers and manufacturers.

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 SourceDirect’s Complete Guide to Wholesale Terms:  Whether you are an exhibitor or buyer, it is important to have a great handle on the business side of things. This glossary of wholesale terms will help you conduct business successfully.

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 10 Sourcing and Wholesale Buying Tips for Retailers:  Instead of working with a middleman, retailers should seriously consider sourcing products directly from the designers or manufacturers who create them. These 10 pointers will help you source items directly from the source.

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How to Establish Wholesale Pricing:  There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to wholesale pricing. It is important to keep in mind that the end goal is for you and the people or companies who sell your goods to make a profit. Follow these five simple steps that will help you establish wholesale pricing.

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Establishing Long-Term Wholesale Relationships: When it comes to nurturing healthy, long-term wholesale relationships, it is important that you not lose sight of how simple and familiar the foundational basics are. Here are five easy steps to follow when establishing long-term wholesale relationships.

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 7 Trade Show Exhibitors Tips:  Leading exhibitors utilize similar tactics when it comes to their trade show strategies. We noticed that the crème de la crème of ASD SourceDirect exhibitors have common traits and practices that help them rise above the rest. Here, we’ve gathered two pre-show tips and five during-the-show tips that will help you improve your trade show experience.

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6 Sourcing Tips for Buyers:  One of the greatest secrets to success for buyers is in knowing how to effectively source and buy products they need for their retail stores directly from wholesale manufacturers, importers and designers. We are happy to share these business tips that will help you do just that.

sourcing-expert-informationThe Elements Of Sourcing: Contracts, Negotiations and Logistics. An inside look at the SourceDirect seminars available at our show each season. Come and learn in person from leading industry experts.

Picture1How to Shop the Show: Buyers Intro Guide to SourceDirect: SourceDirect show director David Pennes explains how to build relationships, negotiate contracts, buy products strategically and make the most of the show.

The Ultimate Guide To Sourcing: Read our comprehensive overview of the international world of sourcing. Any question you have had, we have answered!





许多成功的参展商在参展时都会运用一些相似的展会技巧与战略。我们注意到,ASD SourceDirect 参展商中的佼佼者们都有相同的特点与做法,使他们从众多的参展商中脱颖而出。在这篇文章里,我们总结了七条建议,其中包括参展前的准备及展会中的建议等,从而帮助您增加展会经验,并提高观众对品牌的体验。