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Planning to Exhibit at the next event?
Here are the criteria for exhibiting as a SourceDirect or ASD exhibitor.

The SourceDirect Exhibitor [Criteria]
SourceDirect exhibitors are considered as an OEM, ODM, Exporter, or Manufacturing Factory. They produce made-to-order or fully finished merchandise, and ship to importers, resellers, brands, distributors, and/or larger volume private label retailers.

  • They are factories that produce made to order or finished individual products in bulk quantities.
  • They export products from their country directly to an international customer that will import the merchandise.
  • They do not have an operating facility or warehouse in the USA.
  • They do not inventory merchandise in the USA.
  • The responsibility for their products terminates at the exporting shipping point.
  • They cannot communicate or transact business on a daily basis with ASD buying attendees.
  • They cannot invoice, receive orders, process returns, or ship merchandise to individual retailers from a US location.
  • In essence, they service our ASD exhibitors and not our ASD buyers or attendees.

The ASD Exhibitor [Criteria]
ASD Exhibitors are USA companies that service the retail and Internet retailer community throughout North America. They are considered to be resellers and also referred to as IMPORTERS; most of their products are purchased, imported, and then resold. Their businesses’ include these components:

  • They possess a state or federal ID # and are a legally incorporated company of the USA.
  • They are an established business entity for consumer product sales and distribution.
  • They have proper insurance policies and banking establishments.
  • They have distribution centers or warehouses that inventory their product in the USA.
  • A physical distribution center and address that ships, receives, and delivers merchandise from their inventory to the retailer’s location.
  • They have an administration staff to service the functions of sales, shipping, distribution, and customer service.
  • A customer service staff who can provide information and communication for processing orders, reorders, returns, discuss problems, provide information on delivery status, etc. to their retailers or other customers.
  • They possess an accounts receivable department to discuss invoices, collect payments, issue credits, grant payment terms, and handle any billing issues that occur.
  • A sales staff that maintains customer relations, prospects new customers, and services the current customers.